Scott Homes of WNY is always ready to answer any questions that you may have about our construction process, our materials, our credentials, or us. Below are some of the most asked questions by Homeowners:

  1. Are you Insured?

    Yes, and we always encourage asking anyone that comes to your home to provide you with a certificate. If they don’t have insurance – YOU are liable for damages and injuries.

  2. Will I get a written estimate?

    Yes you will. The bidding process may take several meetings to reach your expectations, however upon final presentation you will receive a complete written estimate detailing everything that we will do. We will include all of the final costs that are included and the final cost to you. We believe on staying on budget, if nothing is changed, that is the price you pay, NO hidden fees.

  3. Why do I always hear about people spending more than they planned?

    Building a house is an exciting time. Strict control and no changes you can bring your home to completion without any over expenditures, however, you will be looking at several items to furnish your home with. This is where the old adage “like a kid in a candy store” comes into play. When your home is framed in and you are not looking at blueprints any more, it is very easy to start visualizing more & more. After seeing all these extended possibilities along with visiting the Home & Design stores with endless possibilities, it is very easy to start wanting to add more and more to your home. This is where many people choose to spend more.

  4. Who Does the Work?

    This question gets asked all of the time; we have our own in-house carpenters that are the main backbone of the company. However, we do not claim to be the Master of all Trades. When it comes to specialized Mechanics, we use our specialty contractors. We have surrounded ourselves w/ some of the best Specialty Contractors in the area who have the same belief as we do, “Do it right the first time”.

  5. How can I save money on my Home?

    When we present your contract to you we include several allotments to help you keep control of the costs in your hands. These are areas where you can make the difference by choosing the amount you spend, whether it be on Kitchen Cabinets, Windows, Landscaping or any of the other allotments we specify for your home.

  6. Am I stuck wtih the products you pick out for me?

    No, this is where dealing with a custom homebuilder pays off. We do not tell you that you can only choose from a selection of plans, or deal with only specific vendors. You are free to chose the plans you want along with all of the features of your home from any vendor.

  7. Does this mean that I have to pick everything myself?

    Absolutely not! As with our great list of People that we have surrounding us, this also includes a great list of vendors. We are more than willing to help you through the entire process and help you to make decisions where needed. All the while keeping in mind this is your home and we want you to be happy w/ all of your selections.